Adam Williams

Adam Williams is an award winning tattooist with a background in fine art. He has an interest in all mediums, but from an early age became obsessed with tattooing and everything surrounding the topic. He has been tattooing for over 10 years and is a resident artist at Electric lady.


Adam tattoos in a range of styles, but mostly concentrates his efforts into geometric tattooing and custom lettering tattoos. He also has a passion for floral tattoos, other stippling pieces and some traditional tattoos.


He often works on large scale projects and is constantly striving to push the boundaries of what he can do in his style!


I’d you’re interested in having some work done by Adam please contact him directly 

Adam Davey

Adam began drawing from an early age and has always had a love for art. 

From school Adam went straight into tattooing, he spent many years developing and mastering his skills as a realism artist. 


He loves anything realistic, but his main love is portraiture. 


Outside of tattooing he also loves drawing and is currently concentrating on building a portfolio of commission work, which you can also find in his gallery. 


If you would like to get in contact with Adam you can do so by emailing

Paul King

Paul is one of our resident artists and has been with us since 2017, he has been tattooing since 2013. 


He specialises in traditional tattoos, he’s always happy to roll with your idea or he has designs ready to go if you’re happy for that as well! 


He is currently interested in getting underway with some large scale work to add to his portfolio, so if you’re looking for a whole sleeve, back piece, full front etc he’s happy to bump heads on a cool idea for you! 


Although Paul specialises in traditional he also enjoys stippled floral work and neo traditional as well, you can see some examples of this through his gallery! 


He is more than happy to accommodate to your chosen style within his range, big or small always happy to help! 


For any enquiries please contact him via his email

Alice Patten

Alice is an award winning tattooist with over 10 years experience working in tattoo shops, she is another one of the resident artists at Electric lady.


She specialises in black and grey realism, she often concentrates on large scale work as you can see in her portfolio, but has been known to do the odd small tattoo from time to time!


In 2019 Alice won 1st place in ‘best of show’ at the Southampton tattoo convention!


Her favourite topic’s to work with are horror and animal themes however she does love the odd full colour project. Space themes are particularly welcome! 


If you’d like to get in contact with Alice please email her directly

Lydia Blaine

Blaine is the studio apprentice, she has been tattooing with us at Electric lady for 3 years. 


She will happily tattoo a range of styles; however she does enjoy black and grey realism, focusing on animal and flower pieces.


She is currently looking to expand her portfolio in the near future and gain some experience with colour realism too. 


Blaine also enjoys drawing and painting when she isn’t at the studio, she does take on commissions from time to time. 


If you’d like to get in touch for more information regarding getting booked in for a tattoo or a commission, please email

appointment only custom tattoo studio in Reading, Berkshire.